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21st-May-2009 12:13 pm - Rules
Havok et son journal...
Just for those who never read the profile page ^^

01 Comment when taking, a little thank you is far enough... but if you have more to say don't hesitate ^^

02 Credit when using even if you didn't (or forgot to) comment : rulie or ima_today. But I can understand that sometimes you forgot to note the name of the author... it happens to me a lot... ^^;;

03 No hot-linking which means you have to reupload the pics on your own server or on imageshack, photobucket... or if you have a Plus or Paid account on LJ upload it on your own scrapbook. Thanks.

04 textless icons are not bases unless I state otherwise. So don't add text, brushes, textures on them.

05 Feel free to use my scans and screencaps and pictures in all your graphics (if ever I post some... ^^o). Don't forget the credits ^^ a link to ima_today in your ressources list is enough. And please don't redistrubute them elsewhere, if you truly want to share them with your friends put a link to my entry or to this community.
21st-May-2009 11:01 am - Ressources
Havok et son journal...
List of all ressources

Concerning the brushes/textures, they are all names of deviantart accounts, even though some of those people own a LJ.

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7th-Feb-2009 03:39 pm(no subject)
Havok et son journal...
Because my camera isn't working anymore (and I don't have money to buy another one yet), I can't continue the project 365, so I'm gonna use this community to post pictures (the ones I still haven't post and the very few I take with my mobile phone) and also other graphics (icons or wallpapers), since I begin to be able to use photoshop... there might be other things to, like scans (which you'll be able to use for your own graphics)... it will depend of the mood ^^

And I'm gonna write in english, but I think it's already obvious ^^
22nd-Oct-2008 08:12 pm - Jour 57 à 63
want to scream
Le poste est vide le temps que mon appareil photo se recharge pour que je puisse récupérer les photos potentielles se trouvant dessus...

La MAJ aura lieu dans la soirée, en attendant le reste arrive (juste le temps de diminuer la taille des photos et de les charger sur ma galerie LJ ^^)

Toutes mes excuses pour ne pas avoir fait de MAJ plus tôt, surtout que je n'ai aucun moyen de me justifier.

EDIT : le matin parce que j'étais trop HS hier, en espérant que j'en ai le temps avant de partir au boulot.

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